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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Latest and Greatest

Hello! I've decided to begin a blog documenting our family's adventures and wanderings as we explore a new hometown and grow a little larger! We are so excited to be expecting our first in January 2014.  And when I say excited, I mean can't-stop-pinning, shopping-already, rub-my-belly, all-we-talk-about excited. 
I wanted to catch everyone up on what we have been up to over here in Baltimore because we are so far away from our families and friends over in Utah and Nevada, and let's be honest, we miss them A LOT!
So first off, we moved to Baltimore, MD as part of a rotational job that Kolby got with BD Medical before graduating last May.  The program consists of three years, rotating to a different plant each year in a different location.  Essentially we find out every January where we will be moving and we move every June.  This job has been such a blessing and a treat for us as a couple because we get to explore new places for a little while before settling down in our long-term home.  We LOVE it!
Moving was quite the experience. Kolby's company hired a moving company to come to our apartment in Utah, pack all of our things, and move them across the country! I know, sounds like a moving dream, but being OCD and an utter control-freak, this was scary for me! 
In the end, everything went fine.  We were lucky enough to spend about a week living with our families in Utah while our things were being transported to Maryland.  We had fun spending time with family, relaxing, and enjoying a last few Utah indulgences (cough...Cafe Rio...cough).  
We got to our apartment in Baltimore and what do you know?  We live kitty corner to this INCREDIBLE mall (think Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas or Fashion Island Mall in Newport Beach).  There are so many stores, it is 4 levels! And no, I haven't spent all my time there.  Lucky for Kolby's wallet, morning sickness happened (boo). But check out this adorable phone case I got at Victorias Secret?  I die.
We had to pick up some baby books at Barnes and Noble! These things are awesome, and it was hard for us to decide which ones to get. I'm sure as things progress we will be stocking up on a few more of these babies.
About a week after we arrived here we had our first tornado warning! We were laughing because on our flight to Maryland we overheard the man sitting in front of us say "I've lived in Maryland my entire life and only ever seen one tornado."  Of course as soon as we get here there are two or three funnel clouds. What is nice is that we received these handy dandy text messages letting us know to take shelter.  That's a plus, right?
We have had the chance to explore Baltimore a little bit, although not as much as we would like.  We went to Inner Harbor one weekend and got to see the cute stores and restaurants along the harbor.  So much fun, SO HUMID! We didn't last very long.  We also got to go to a Baltimore Orioles game against the Toronto Blue Jays.  The Camden Yards stadium is incredible and mama loves her some baseball stadium hot dogs.
A couple weekends ago we celebrated our first anniversary by taking a weekend trip to Washington DC.  We had so much fun exploring the city for the first time and seeing all of the historic sites that we've only ever seen in textbooks and movies.  We saw the entire National Mall, half of it in the evening which I would totally recommend because it is BEAUTIFUL when the sun is setting. We ate at some incredible restaurants, one of which was Founding Farmers.  It is right near the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue and everything they make is made from locally grown ingredients and is so tasty.  (Food for thought - if you want to try it, MAKE RESERVATIONS AHEAD OF TIME. It was packed, even for brunch/lunch.)
We've all heard of the wedding tradition of sharing the top layer of your wedding cake on your anniversary.  Well, the top layer of our cake is frozen in my parents freezer in Highland, Utah.  So as a welcome substitute, I pre-ordered a dozen cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake (featured on TLC's DC Cupcakes).  I figured it would be busy and the cupcakes would be yummy, but boy, was I in for a surprise.  There was a line of about 75 people outside of the store waiting to get in.  And here is where the magic comes in, "pre-ordering."  I just walked up to the door and got right in to pick up my order. I HIGHLY recommend this option if you are thinking about trying these because trust me, they are WORTH trying.  
And that pretty much sums it up with what's new with the Sorenson Family (besides pregnancy news - I plan on posting a lot about that in future posts so I didn't want to post too much about it now).  We are loving it here in Baltimore, we miss our family and friends dearly and can't wait to come home and visit around Thanksgiving.  In closing, I'd like to share with you one of my favorite pictures of my hubs and I.  Aren't we attractive? (Facetime time is the BEST TIME when he is out of town.) I love him so much and I'm so glad he's my baby daddy :).
xo -
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  1. Love the blog! Really fun and it will be a good memory-keeper. Love!