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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Baby's First Roadtrip

This past weekend our little family set out on our first road trip together, determined to find a home for us to live in while in North Carolina.  I was nervous, of course, to take a less than three month old on a five hour car ride (one direction) and then tote him along to multiple appointments, only to make that long drive home a few days later.   To all of our surprise, it ended up going extremely well! Camden did fantastically and we found our home!  A little duplex with hard wood floors, surrounded by dense trees in the small town of Mebane, North Carolina.  To say we are excited is an understatement.
What a change of pace North Carolina is from Maryland.  The homes are spaced much further apart, everyone seems to move a little slower, the small little towns are surrounded by forests and farms, and there are very few homes that don't have a large front porch with adorable rocking chairs and hanging planters.  The restaurant selection isn't huge.  Biscuitville, Waffle House, Bojangles, and Cracker Barrel were plentiful. No, I'm not kidding, Biscuitville is a real thing.  Oh yeah, and everyone addresses you as ma'am or sir with a southern accent.  It's adorable.
 We offset the hours of driving and home appointments with lots of naps and room service in our hotel room in Raleigh.  It was so nice to just relax and not have to worry about laundry or cooking or cleaning! On our way home from North Carolina we decided to swing by Washington D.C. to see the tail end of the peak season of the Cherry Blossom Festival.  It was so beautiful, I can't really describe it and our photos definitely do it no justice.  Cam was slathered in sunscreen but somehow I was still psychotically nervous about him getting sunburned (#newmomprobs) so we only saw a tiny portion of the blossoms but boy, was it beautiful.
Here are a few photos of our trip according to my iPhone.  What would I do without the thing... seriously, though?

Happy Thursday babes!

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  1. You better post pictures of the duplex soon! :)
    I freaking love little towns. So excited for your new adventure!
    Also, way random note, your husband has an excellent taste in style.
    Give me your hair and that baby!

    1. Thank you, Amanda! I'll definitely be doing a home post once we get everything moved in! SO excited.
      Hubby's style is so good, but let's be honest, I choose a lot of it when we go shopping ;) I would rather shop the men's section than the women's, haha! He's a stud and has such great style so it's easy. Love you girl, thank you for the sweet compliments!

  2. Love it Ally!
    I'm so glad you found a new place and I'm so excited for your new adventure. We sure miss you here in Utah!

    xo. M.

    1. Thank you, Mila! We miss you guys so much! We're hoping we can see you when we visit in a couple weeks!