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Friday, December 27, 2013

Packing Our Hospital Bags

In just 2 days, we will be 37 weeks pregnant (which some consider "full term") and I am kicking it into high gear to make sure we are ready for Mr. C whenever he decides to make his appearance!
The emotions I feel are so wide ranging, it's insane.  Anxiety, excitement, worry, nervousness, happiness, and occasionally just contentment in being hugely pregnant (I wish I felt that one a little more!)  We are so blessed to have this sweet baby in our lives and one thing I know for certain is that we can't wait to meet him for the first time and whisper in his tiny little ears how much we love him.
I did a lot of research on what to bring to the hospital (as well as what not to bring).  I read blog after blog about what first time mothers packed as well as mother's who were going for their sixth or seventh times!  I compiled a list of the most common items that mother's bring for themselves, their partners, and their babies as well as a few extra items. (I realize each mother is different and will need/want different items, this is just what items I thought were most popularly talked about).  I am adding a few things to my personal list such as our birthing ball (exercise ball) and lavender essential oils.
The pink colored items are items that *most* hospitals provide so it is just a matter of personal preference if you want to bring your own or not.  I didn't include diapers or wipes on my diaper bag list because the hospital will definitely provide as many of those as you need during your stay (plus it's a diaper bag, so you probably already have a few diapers in there anyway). Every single blog that I read highly recommended using those free items in the hospital (and taking everything home that they will allow!) But if you plan on cloth diapering, then obviously you will need to bring your own diapers/wipes.
Above are the bags I packed for Kolby and myself (I forgot to get a good picture of the diaper bag!) 
P.S. - Target has nursing bras and tank tops and SUPER soft pajamas, robes, and socks for reasonable prices.
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